theory0064 - SOLD OUT

size fits up to UK10(comfortably)
material soft cotton
colour cobalt blue SOLD / black SOLD / cream yellow SOLD / white SOLD / pink SOLD
price RM35

*V neck front & back
*can be worn off shoulders too

theory0063 - SOLD OUT

size UK8 to UK12
colour blue / purple SOLD / green SOLD
price RM36

*can be worn as a top too ;)


size UK6-UK10
material soft cotton
colour apple green / yellow SOLD / pink / grey SOLD / black SOLD
price RM22 RM5 NOW!

theory0061 - SOLD OUT

size 36(4) SOLD / 37(5) SOLD / 38(6) SOLD / 39(7) SOLD
colour white & black
height approx 2.5inches
material soft PVC(no pig skin lining), comes with fuss-free clasps
price RM48

perfect for casual / formal wear. not too high, comfort is the key :) you don't want your feet to be screaming in pain walking in those 4 inches high pumps/stilettos while shopping!

theory0060 - SOLD OUT

size footless
colour black
material like about 120 deniers.. thin kind but not that sheer(as seen in pic)!
price RM18 6 SOLD

theory0059 - LAST PIECE!

size UK6-UK10
material stretchable cotton
colour black SOLD / green SOLD / grey / red SOLD
price RM40 RM20 NOW!

theory0058 - SOLD OUT

size UK6-small UK12
colour white SOLD / blue SOLD / grey SOLD / yellow SOLD / fushia SOLD
price RM38 (comes with skinny black belt as shown in pic)

theory0057 - SOLD OUT

size free(very stretchable)
RM5 for 1
RM8 for 2
RM10 for 3
4 and above, RM3 each

white / cream / beige / nude / yellow / orange / pink / fushia / mint / cyan / cobalt blue / brown / black

*perfect for kimono dresses, covering up plunging necklines (when necessary :P), layering, sheer tops, etc.

theory0056 - LAST PIECE!

size UK6-UK10
colour red SOLD / blue / purple SOLD
price RM36 RM20 NOW!

theory0055 - SOLD OUT

size UK6-UK10
colour pink SOLD / yellow SOLD / blue SOLD / white SOLD
price RM36

theory0054 - SOLD OUT

size UK6-UK10
colour white SOLD / green SOLD / blue SOLD
price RM36

theory0053 - SOLD OUT

size fits UK6-UK12
colour orange green SOLD / purple blue SOLD / orange yellow SOLD
material viscose & spandex
price RM48

theory0052 - SOLD OUT

size fits UK6-UK12
colour cream SOLD / light grey SOLD
material soft lycra-like
price RM48