theory0034 - SOLD OUT

size width 18" length 11" diameter 6.5"
colour beige SOLD / brown SOLD
price RM62 (high quality PU leather)

*comes with mobile & zipped compartment inside, and another zipped compartment outside

theory0033 - SOLD OUT

size free

colour brown SOLD / cobalt blue SOLD / yellow SOLD / black SOLD / pink SOLD / navy blue SOLD / white SOLD
price RM20
*made out of cotton---very thick, stretchable, not sheer(except for white a lil), durable, not easily being torn

colour grey SOLD / white SOLD
price RM17
*120 deniers (thinner than above)


theory0032 - SOLD OUT

size free
colour black-heart SOLD / black-diamonds SOLD
price RM18

theory0031- SOLD OUT

size free (fits up to small UK10)
colour black SOLD / cobalt blue SOLD / red SOLD / green SOLD / purple SOLD
price RM39

*sleeves can either be folded up(pic) or let down

theory0030 - SOLD OUT

size slightly bigger than an A4 sized paper
colour black SOLD / brown SOLD / beige SOLD
price RM38 (PU leather)

*comes with a zipped & mobile compartment inside

theory0029 - SOLD OUT

size width 66" length 25"
colour purple SOLD / apple green SOLD
price RM20

theory0028 - SOLD OUT

size around 10.5" at its widest point, 9.5" at length
colour pink SOLD / blue SOLD / yellow SOLD
price RM45

*all comes with an adjustable strap for slinging*

theory0027 - SOLD OUT

size free!
colour denim grey SOLD / denim blue SOLD
price RM 29

(not sheer at all)

theory0026 - SOLD OUT

size fits UK6-UK10
colour as shown in pic (upper part is satin, down is cotton)
price RM48 (very gorgeous piece, its worth it!) SOLD

theory0025 - SOLD OUT

size fits UK6-12 as its smocked at the back(super stretchable)
colour denim blue SOLD & denim grey SOLD
price RM28

theory0024 - LAST PIECE IN L!

size S waist approx 25"-26" (black SOLD & green SOLD)
size M waist approx 27"-28" (blue)
size L waist approx 29"-30" (red / light army green SOLD / white SOLD / bright green SOLD)
price RM 25 RM18 NOW!


theory0023 - LAST PIECE!

size fits up to UK10
colour whitegrey SOLD / pinkblack SOLD / yellowblack / greyblack SOLD
price RM42 RM20 NOW!

theory0022 - SOLD OUT

size fits up to UK10
colour cream yellow SOLD / white SOLD / black SOLD
price RM38

(cotton material with chiffon sleeves)

theory0021 - SOLD OUT

size fits up to UK10
colour white SOLD / black SOLD / fushia SOLD / yellow SOLD / purple SOLD
price RM32

theory0020 - SOLD OUT

size free (up to UK12) can be worn as a tube / halter / spaghetti dress
colour orange SOLD / blue SOLD / green SOLD
price RM49

theory0019 - SOLD OUT

size measured flat width 17" length 29" (fits up to UK10 due to the adjustable waist line)
colour teal SOLD / pink SOLD
price RM40

theory0018 - SOLD OUT

size free (fits up to UK12)
colour black SOLD / white SOLD / yelllow SOLD
price RM42